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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 11, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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continue trying to choose a november. whilst i'm katherine comanche in tokyo relief workers have fanned out across parts of the philippines to help the survivors of a deadly typhoon. many have been surprised by what they're seeing more than one thousand seven hundred people are reported to have been killed but authorities fear that disaster can claim as many as ten thousand victims. i think
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high and slammed into the central philippines on friday. strong winds rain and high tide that devastated the city and tackle amman and other communities throughout the area. news of the county about one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour. and if the bnp won an hour before the tightest on pass through specialist with the japan media logically can see estimate that brings me to more than three hundred and twenty kilometers per hour philippine government officials say nine million people were affected by the storm and the sea more than thirteen thousand buildings are destroyed. we have together as a state of national calamity i kinda said he and his aides would do all they can to get help to parents who need it will take place in our struggling to deliver relief supplies are having trouble getting through roads that are being washed out and communications had the nous that hurts
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the irony as it may be seeing this blog to let their aa. the aftermath of the sea bands there had been fishin and directed by the saratoga me. hon it so it was suppose to infection too. survivors the leaflet is from japan to join teams from other countries already on the ground. us membranes and transporting aid supplies by helicopter. german and australian government officials have also sent in aid workers and medical professionals. theology is say those teams may have another challenge to deal with the expected new tropical system will pass through the philippines by the end of a tuesday delegates from nearly two hundred nations have gathered in warsaw poland and to hammer out the details of the new framework on climate change gears from developing and industrialized nations are at odds over who should foot the bill. the daily hits and did a team that ends of the plan that would come into effect in twenty twenty representative from the european union called on them to go further than ever
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and their pledges he said the window of opportunity is closing climate change is happening. humans on a post for this change and we do in the back edge and the po boy the war's impact. local chinese delegates and guests or rice congee should offer more financial and technological support to developing nations. we need to re tool or as doctors reckon i've read his story was about ddt and with developed countries take the need to address climate change. japanese delegates will propose cutting greenhouse gas emissions by three point eight percent from two thousand and five levels by twenty twenty and less ambitious than a proposal submitted forty years ago. japanese leaders say they've had to adjust because of a greater reliance on thermal energy since the nuclear accident in the shiva. negotiators from the international atomic energy agency may have
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reached a breakthrough with tehran on a long time stand up. the two sides have agreed on a road map to resolve the issues over iran's nuclear program. i a jamaican general you can outrun omitted to match with the head and commands atomic energy organization and the advice of a key in an economy kennedy ages. and. we rebounded the ball. just shoot the gun statement on the framework for all grades he said imran with our ally inspectors to visit in advance permission of mine in the southern inland use forgive me and reach back to me this why allow inspections of the heavy water reactor in western iraq. dave is henry's concerns it could produce plutonium they can be used for weapons. he said he ran and ready to be flexible the two sides to implement the agreement of the next three months. read the ten year framework will not include inspectors visit to a military facility in action
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near tehran where iran is suspected of developing nuclear weapons i need a little bit. for those of you but not all pieces to be done. fourteen of the negotiations got underway on monday centering on id inspections of nuclear related facilities in iran. i know. storms come on japan specific test in recent weeks have battered fish in my diet eat. officials from the japanese government and circulate company had been discussing ways to do with their truths and nuclear plants helping to contain leaks of radioactive water senior guys in this team is because he or she and i discussed the problem with tech executives didn't wish him and he decided to attach drain pipes to the top ten tips to a contaminated water they estimate this would divert about sixty percent of
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rainwater. they have to finish the job by the end of march. he also agreed to double the height of all the areas around the tanks to sixty centimeters. they have to finish that up before the end of the case here. an expert panel is calling for japan's government to change how it measures to radiation exposure for the kiwis for the areas near the plant the good of the danube contrast proposals covering state record for people who want to return to their parents knew that this journey. it's called on authorities to allow evacuees to that end only after uv radiation levels in the communities have fallen below twenty north effects they also suggested a long term goal of bringing annual exposure levels to one man receiver are immense officials are still five basic spanish anthem it's on radiation levels in the entire meant that the panel says they should instead a crit people with the senators. readings on such devices tend to be one third or one seven
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investments based on environmental monitoring. she lay evacuees had mixed reactions to the idea i think he will be good to monitor explosive levels ourselves to do to those reading monitoring up to the people is the neglect of responsibility by the government. the new regulation authority plans to submit proposals to the government. should the present is set to explore new sources of power a test run of what will be one of japan's largest brain finds has begun off the coast that see you all. the ministry has set up a floating wind turbine twenty km off the mat at her town. then monday was held on monday to mark the test run. she is due to the japanese government wishes to make a cushion of a pioneer in renewable energy the prefecture was heard by
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the nuclear accident. so this is our mission. the job i can generate enough power for two thousand homes a steady supply of strong winds to get offshore in stalin's the efficiency and when bonds on that next fiscal year the central government land to what survives at the sides each of the new motors to have three times a generating capacity of the current one memory is that at times to assess the possible impact on the local fishing industry. i eye. in the oven japan's population is affecting almost every aspect of society even cousins jake and incarceration rate is one of the lowest in the world elderly women committing minor offenses and gradually increasing and changing the atmosphere of prisons age heroes meet stephanie and i can take silver. hp to prison for women in western japan
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there are eight of freaky that i create our own country be sure if he'll report to all the protein. the printer and it is designed to hold five hundred inmates economical with six hundred we are all from job to go find two walks up to the ap more and more over the amount of sixty five or older. shaw's be the new thinking we eat the park the beach it's just for them it shows how me and pretty women duty and care to count clinton faced an ets the number increased to two hundred and eighteen park yesterday. the most important case. eighty percent of the women were convicted on
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take the lead after a twenty of the profile from high growth program the eighteen twelve the female population is creating new timepiece for free to stop. it is time to take your medicine. how old are you mate of the corn gluten feed. please don't be sure of how to make sure each move on take home education the pre draft camp. each story. good stuff food into smaller pcs and go to work for each. they are or should we manage to require nothing care overcapacity and he makes sure he's seen the least with the piece opens an inquiry. what i should get it. some inmates
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and that helped from the time needed to present when make sure to keep an eye and an example. more cases to keep it comes to. we have to watch them more closely in the air painting the group of academics happiness getting comfy shoes. he remains reasons. then beth be the key to see how the growing partnership of all go in and is working with the operations. they have started to read all the horses goats and the few homes to conduct a probe or death and otto kahn from a distance. he's in a stable some people are spending the last days of their lives in prison. we should think this situation has nothing to do with taxes due. and thus also want to come into the guts to do more for although you may well be seen to the top. they are pushing for better football trophy
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seems to have what we meant the end of friday. and it's very odd to prison a few more i now play lincoln business news the wall street professionals and getting used to seeing the stock my kids grandkids. i didn't imagine the smell from the business sense good morning night good morning captain yet a third higher than a month for the dodge on society when the middle of november ap a cafe close to his canteen to get a boost from the u s jobs data on friday which was better than market consensus. the dow jones industrial average closed at another record high ending at fifteen thousand seven hundred eighty three the trip was rather thin because bond traders have a duty on youtube that parents take a look at how much if your mates they tend to remain on guard who is standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. so i mean positive sentiment continuing from the umass what can you tell us yet to believe that such continuing a parent of the stronger dollar also should be a little bit of a booster for exporters. and
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how love over the lack of updated posts in the us and japan treating like the little bit new to let some of the opening doubles for november that wealth tuesday here. both indexes in the positive. the nikkei and the topics that are trading barbs with the positive in the first few minutes of that it actually ended higher yesterday but so far is actually down on the one that's concerns about us federal reserve's plans to take respond by programmers was china's possible economy reform and a mixed bag of earnings reports during the recent earnings season he has kept investors. little bits up from actually pushing stocks higher. i still think it has outperformed the key global index has really helped by the prime minister she is on its own economic policies to boost growth here in japan. at small richie policy. and we could be looking out for gdp data due out on thursday here in japan as can be crucial as well this week also keep it up from the eurozone. i wouldn't have gdp data especially gdp
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for germany. that's to be a big focus and also in the us and the fed the chair and all that each and a gallon is getting testifying before the senate banking committee so a few of the key factors there are also outside of time date on which investors will be focusing on as well i've never been on those gdp figures to mention in those events will surely i have an effect on currencies fall are the pairs of moving right now yet god did all this leah will be a focus for the foreign currency traders as well. right now ninety nine point one five two one six after the dollar yen has risen amid a smidgen car seat where it goes next. excuse me will depend on that went with the fact that the sites excuse me. decide to take her a piece of incoming data but of course the next fed meeting. i've december seventeen to eighteen is going to be crucial on the urea hundred and thirty two point nine eight c to ninety five. but with the gdp data due out in the eurozone
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trading baby keep the single currency also in a bit of a range. i will continue to monitor asian indexes as well this morning i especially china related to the chairs right given that the rounding up with a calm his party's third plenary session. that's also a very big focus for investors in this part of the region. and they can be keen to see what's on economic plans are in store for the next decade for the world's second biggest economy that can be crucial in doubt again apologies for my voice cracking open. i thank you. they happen to the best of us remained the top of that out there for me night night from the tokyo stock exchange. well japan's foreign minister says growth in the domestic economy will have far reaching benefits for the rest of the world communication can sense his government is also eager to promote closer ties with other nations through free trade pacts in kc this book at the asia europe meeting in india. the conference brings together delegates from countries across the two
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continents. he said tell them the global economy needs to be put on a path to confirm sustainable recovery. he said japan can help to do that by the building its own economy for the policies of prime minister shinzo on that. and he said that liberalization of trade and investment is the pillar of obvious strategy. the chef told the delegates the trans pacific partnership and an economic partnership agreement between japan and europe would offer vast benefits he said the train tracks will probably show as well as global economic growth. japanese delegates are trying to convince their south korean counterparts to drop a strict trade embargo they want to lift the ban on imports of japanese seem to be introduced after reports about leaks from the petition and nuclear plants. but their requests are failing to have an impact. japan's deputy foreign minister yes the sun burning that discussed the embargo with his counterpart on chunky in
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tokyo. it applies to see free from the kosher and seven hundred japanese prefecture is. this end the ban is not supported by scientific evidence showed he reportedly told not i mean it. south korea is satisfied with their handling of the matter officials in seoul issued the embargo in september they were responding to reports that contaminated water leak from the petition mundine two nuclear plants into the ocean. that's all for now and if this can only be with attack on markets. it is. was it the series' main
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opposition alliance had agreed to participate in international peace angst in certain conditions are met they want to focus on a change of government the national coalition announced this on monday after a weekend meeting in a scramble. the conditions include the release of political prisoners. they also demanding access for relief agencies to areas cut off by government troops and the sea the conference should lead to transition from the government of president the shop asset. the united states and russia at the toy kingdom age piece times in geneva to bring an end to this theory and complex. it is still not clear whether that i had the chance to actually take place it on and on trips to the opposition camp say the eye against the idea. the italians call minister floating city but actually its thinking and buildings are taking a battering from all the way is to now authorities are spending billions on a modern approach to an age old problem. more from nhk world
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calls it what about that the nice nice then took on this end of the npt. he returned to feed local weaned goal as the wave starts he's the window eyes drink very high tides or whims of them were pretty gracious change is the result you the phone during the last train to deal with the number of home loans hit double the increased damage caused by these bright eyed peas who linked to the rising female though. caused by global warming. well he's also seeking. as i was okay with it too lol. he says with some buildings into santo be nice to you the tune of these things combined to form the cereal milk and bread for
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the relief of us. it will be crumpled much of its bible. a dozen years ago. you raise the interest to keys come on calls by pt st nicholas maurice and three. he pulled the plug on all of it though it was about one point five meters high. for the detainee and over the years. if we happen to accidentally dialed myself. it's a form that you won't be cheap to buy a new punch or oh four did not keep pace tuesday as high as possible. his covenant with god. it's expensive. no one else can i do so cookie. i was all born and raised here i don't want the incident
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his uncle was the good fortune. just catching some warm enough to make the crumble. the singer the film with school and police will also come in the field. when we keep them on the show. you think we can buy a puppy the album a coupon for the truth he needs to be or not to nemo hastings has declined in constant use of ddt. she has ocd. italy's government has been working on the major construction project. some priests the gates of the nice old fleet. in the interest in the week at dixie displacement he's continued to block a witness the alignment of the money as he's the one point six to omit them. when lopez the awesome aunt and she
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seemed cool during the new journey. it ties in the scrum team to the speech. are they become buoyant. the barrio bright teeth. the prophet speaks to me. a woman to show through the barrio we all brought to the city approved of the mid rise in sea level it repeated to the ttp in the unit. around seven point one three of their rights combination was in the project. when i don't know how well it's going to function. he has a long time and money is being spent. i hope we'll get on the results of the inning. italian style more optimistic. they hope to use more than technology with cable cars historic city
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proceeding build the waves full scale of the main any skill on the knees the french head of the weather people in northern japan are looking at their windows and see something the daily ish dc this time of the act. i'm sure she explains in wild weather. the lining catch any money i had to take in at your coat this morning we are experiencing the chilly this morning so fine is the same year and mentor paul content as well. the guest arrived in the oven at half the ship and people are experiencing the white stuff to pile up take a lick of this video coming out from the region residents in some parts of japan might think that that has come early and some oral thermometer is means freezing point at around five pm those in cars are covered with snow and ice the other person but i know this up to thirty seven centimeters. i am the winter weather will remain at three and they're staying as people are walking through the streets on and
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snow in winter to ensure passionate the typical pattern where we see this in the defender not really much of november. but it's not rare to see snow. it says that this wintry pressure passions come under the care unit will be lasting for a few days now and then these are the iam in trenton new jersey on mt of accumulation of snow that we are to have found as of the fixed am this morning thirty seventh and to meet a single kind of python i keep that has seen the fourteenth and to meet its end up with me not found anything sixteen centimeters in this ny. we are seeing and that of snow flurries as part of the first of the season so far which is sixteen days earlier then me last year this doctrine has paid wintry weather will likely continue into thursday midwinter pressure packed and will likely continue into wednesday and about forty to fifty centimeters of additional snowfall will be found in parts of northern japan. the colossus see some heavy rain and about ten a d man in the tenth and on towards the south was the theme lots of rain across southern china and one to
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province already has around two hundred sixteen millimeters of rainfall in the past twenty four hours on top of that a hundred newton meters of additional in vain all clusters in the least potential for flooding and landslides. and also down twice to stop again another tropical depression which is going to become intensified as it moves across mindanao is already bringing coastal waves of about three meters high storm surge gale force winds as well as weren't the only rainfall was standing up to one hundred fifty min than the trees are even more and no client speech and writing will certainly be a very high risk night temperatures are standing up like this. well nice seeing four degrees for the highest in the hands of larry's head to own the thirteen acre if that's the coldest day of the year so far this season so far i should think. if the continent it also seemed more like the fan current temperatures and whether graham in november. snow is quite heavy across eastern canada in this book shows that there will be standing
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there called monopoly dance with the south west which means that the arctic cold blast will be planting the temperatures in the midwest. with a soft heart trees and trees what warnings are posted windy and consternation. looking at temperatures as follows guilty tuesday with these single digits. across the northeast where you might see the person flurries of the season today with temperatures will be recovering by the weekend but do take your place and child cpr flying around in the teeth to come into the freezing point for each are high in oklahoma city taking the call yesterday here is the nineteen thirties for that night that the real rollercoaster ride across the street and cleaning up or eccentric cast i am to noon. the eye. it is
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i loved this dish in a nice line and adding a banshee and there. eye. and. the light landed me an american talk about an hour. how are women and powerful. if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed
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blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call our doctor say. the hindus and one main iraq as the place stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate. and i think that the felt needs of a hat so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realize the role of women it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to
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the atrocit when you empower them. incheon. the rule


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